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Our mission is to provide you with high quality Information and Communication Technology Solutions. Always looking forward for future proof products/solutions and IoT integration and innovation. Providing you with Personalized customer experience is our main focus.

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Be Smart!

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Save on Smart Building

Implement new Technology, increase efficiency, use managed systems and save money.

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Save on Voice over IP (VOIP)

Stay connected. We will help you bring out the best even when you want to work from home!

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Future Proof Technology

Future Proof Technology allows your system to scale, adapt and innovate to evolving trends.

Our Solutions

We offer you Smart Technological solutions based on your specific needs. NO size fits all

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IP Telecommunication

IP PBX, IP Phones, Sip Trunking, and Managed WIFI devices. IP related communication solutions.

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Surveillance Solutions

Digital surveillance IP based cameras, door stations and access control.

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Building Monitoring

Improve building efficiency, and monitor your building’s energy use in real-time.


We connect your IP Camera to a Security Monitoring Station!


Save money on your assets
Money saving
Response Time
High response time
Instant Alerts
Instant Alerts

Buddy Ohm Building monitoring


Improve building efficiency
Reduce building consumption
24/7 Monitoring
Real-Time alerts
Money saving
Efficient building
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